State HRPayroll Audit Verification Service

•Reduce the heavy wage bill of salaries and emoluments.
•Review the HR/Payroll System with regards to its value addition.

Key Business Issues
• Proper Identification of staff or employee
• Maintain data integrity and confidentiality across the various system nodes
• Physical Staff Audit & Verification – Eradication of ghost workers.
• Improve accountability.
• Accurate and efficient human resource and payroll processing.
• Improve service delivery.
• Cost savings realised – ease pressure on cash flow.
• Existing HR & Payroll System – high cost of maintenance
• Issues with Study leave, Watchmen Categorization, Grade & Step Issue (Promotion letters), DOB & DOA, Deductions (Proliferation of Deduction-heads). NUBAN & BVN Compliancy for Commercial and Micro-Finance Banks, Reconciliation between Proposed & Actual Payment Figures.

• Evaluation and implementation of a new customized HR & Payroll System
• Implemented a continuous Employee BVN and Biometric Authentication Methodology/ Framework
• 100% Accelerated Drop in Staff Strength Six Months Post Verification period
• Cost Savings Realised.
• Recovered Amount (Multiple Payment Refunds) =N=75m
• Monthly Cost Savings (Payroll Figures Reduction) =N=55m per month
• 6.16% cumulative drop in Gross Pay compared to 1.29% pre-verification period
• Policy Recommendations On i.e. Study leave Issue, Watchmen Categorization, Grade & Step Issue (Promotion letters), DOB & DOA Issues, Deductions (Proliferation of Deduction-heads). NUBAN & BVN Compliancy for Commercial and Micro-Finance Banks, Funds Recovery (Accounts By PayGroup)
• Improved Accountability – Reconciliation between Payroll Generated Figures and NIBSS Returns Report.

Our solution is in line with the Federal Government of Nigeria Fiscal Sustainability Plan 2016:
Improve Accountability and Transparency
Rationalise Public Expenditure
Biometric capture of all States Civil Servants will be carried out to eliminate payroll fraud
Introduce a system of continuous audit of the payroll system
“Guaranteed Secure & Safe Hands to keep the State Monthly Wage Bill Down”


1) Pre-Biometric Staff Audit Need Analysis
Define Validity Check Process.
Design Validity Check Template Document.
Design and Define Staff Audit Data to be captured.
Logistics Timetable & Nominal Roll Collection

2) During Staff-Audit Biometric Data Capture Process
Weekly Biometric Audit Data-Capture Progress Report

3) Post Biometric Staff Audit & Reconciliation Stage
Run Duplication Report.
Final Reports i.e. Ghost workers & unverifiable staff report.
Run BVN Authentication Check
Strategic & Future Planning Reports i.e. Age & Sex Distribution Report, % ratio of junior to senior staff report etc
Optional data in MS-Excel
Identify any remaining gaps and then include in future staff audit needs.


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